• Services

Jayashree Consultancy offers various types of services as per our customer’s requirements :

Cosmetics & Personal Care Industries

  • Increasing profitability of your existing brand by:
  • Reformulating with additional of new effective raw material, deleting unwanted raw material, reducing the cost improving the product performance
  • Developing customized formulations as per our customers specific requirements
  • On-site laboratory and technical training
  • Scale-up and manufacturing assistance
  • Formulating and Developing new brands
  • Providing a forum for generating and screening new product ideas
  • Providing technical know-how in categories that are new business

Cosmetic & Personal Care Raw Material Suppliers / Importers

  • Formulation and Development of cosmetics products using your existing range of raw material along with stability, shelf-life and other testing methods

New Entrepreneurs entering in Cosmetics and Personal Care Industries

  • Manufacturing process/ technology
  • Technical arrangements
  • Size of the plant
  • Product-mix
  • Selection of Plant and machineries
  • Plant layout as per FDA rules and regulations
  • Pricing policy
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